His skills, intelligence and his deep interest in his clients wellbeing is truly inspiring. 

Bee Bosnak

Yoga Teacher


Bradley brings the perfect mix of calm confidence and skill to all he does.

Ariane Hundt

Clinical Nutrition Coach (M.S.)


Be well.


Building lasting relationships with clients, I am a therapist and advisor connecting clients with the things that matter most to them.



Lifestyle Assessment

Lifestyle factors like stress, sleep, nutrition, and rest affect overall wellness and performance.   Too often, goals are compromised by a lifestyle at odds with the desired outcome.  Understanding and managing these lifestyle factors helps create balance and overall well-being.  Many of my clients are too busy to stay on top of their wellness needs.  I help them prioritize and simplify the process.  It is very important to me to help clients enhance their overall quality of life as well as reach their goals.  


A typical day for me?  I work closely with clients in all areas of wellness. In addition to sports medicine and performance training, I help clients navigate the healthcare world, setting them up with doctors and advising them on appropriate treatment options.  I communicate with doctors and therapists. I refer to massage therapists and yoga instructors. I work closely with nutritionists.

I also work with professionals in the performance world, consulting with trainers, observing golf lessons, and designing programs. I set up out-of-town programs for clients who are traveling, I consult with golf clubs on space design. I work with golf clubs, health clubs, and clinics to develop integrated programs for golf performance and injury prevention.

Wellness Guide


I have established trust and created strong relationships with an extensive network of professionals over the past decade. I connect people to solutions by providing the guidance and network. Doctors, therapists, trainers, Pilates instructors, yoga practitioners, nutritionists, acupuncturists, golf professionals, etc., all working together.

Connect with me if you would like to join my referral network of professionals.


Every time I get together with Bradley I feel like I have a plan for success and a better understanding of my body’s movement challenges and how those impact my golf swing.

greg bryan,PGA

Head Golf Professional, Roaring Fork Club



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