Bradley has a great eye when it comes to diagnosing and fixing the problems of all athletes.  He also has a great eye for the golf swing and the effects an injury has on the player's movement. 

Eden Foster

Golf Magazine’s top 100 Teachers / Maidstone Club, East Hampton, NY


Be healthy.

For over a decade, I have focused on meeting the wellness needs of high performing clients in Aspen and NYC.  My experience and integrated approach are the keys to injury prevention, performance, and sustained well-being for my clients.



injury prevention

It is important to understand the true cause of a dysfunction, imbalance, or injury and address all of the factors that might be involved. Everything matters.  Injury history, lifestyle factors, stress, nutrition, rest, and mindset. Most importantly, injury prevention requires communication between doctors, therapists, trainers, golf professionals, and other healthcare professionals. Everyone must be on the same program with the client’s goals in mind. I make sure this happens.



I can help you recover from an injury, but more importantly prevent the next one. A comprehensive movement assessment and injury risk profile are performed to identify movement dysfunction and structure a plan.  The appropriate professionals are consulted with and constant communication exists.



Recovery is not the only goal, returning to sport and life better prepared is the key objective.   Performance means something different for every client. In my experience working with high performers in sport and business, one thing stands out...they have many people helping them. I am an advisor for my clients. I help them navigate the areas of healthcare, fitness, and wellness so they can focus on performing at their best.


I have established trust and created strong relationships with an extensive network of professionals over the past decade. I connect people to solutions by providing the guidance and network.   Doctors, therapists, trainers, Pilates instructors, yoga practitioners, nutritionists, acupuncturists, golf professionals, etc. all working together.

Connect with me if you would like to join my referral network of professionals.



Bradley combines his great knowledge of the golf swing with the ability to enhance your game through therapy and training. Bradley is truly an outstanding therapist and trainer.

Dr. David Altchek

Co-Chief Emeritus in the Sports Medicine & Shoulder Service at Hospital for Special Surgery / Medical Director of the New York Mets and Consultant to the NBA / Professor of Clinical Orthopaedic Surgery, Weill Cornell Medical College


I could find hundreds of listings in New York of practitioners claiming to treat injuries arising from a lack of “core stability", but it is rare to find somebody who can take a patient through all the phases of strengthening and motion restoration necessary to return an athlete to their previous or superior level of play.

dr. Peter J. Moley

MD Assistant Attending Hospital for Special Surgery / Physiatry Fellowship Director



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