Building lasting relationships with clients... I am a therapist and advisor connecting you with what you need and who you need.




My unique background and network makes it possible for me to help individual clients in many ways. My approach is always to understand how I can have the greatest impact in helping each person reach his or her goals. I have found that a team approach accomplishes this. My greatest enjoyment comes from gaining an understanding of a person's total heath….  Where are they now? What do they need? What is stopping them? I dig deep into their motivations and help them set goals and create a plan. I establish a network and support them.


I work with golf clubs, health clubs, clinics, hotels, doctors, and other organizations on injury prevention and wellness programs, performance programs, and space design.  I specialize in developing and overseeing integrative wellness and performance programs that improve member experience for high-end clubs.


Most of my clients are located in NYC, The Hamptons, Aspen, and Palm Beach, but much of my work can be done online such as consulting and program design.  My network of trusted professionals expands to all of these locations and continues to grow.